UK & Irish SMEs finance over £25 billion of new equipment each year through a market place that is slow, cumbersome and bloated with intermediaries.

 We are delivering a modern tech solution to facilitate fast, affordable and transparent financing directly from end investors. 




EquipmentConnect technology will link:

1. SMEs financing equipment

Equipment Finance should be as fast, affordable and easy so our national 





2. Alternative Funders

EquipmentConnect opens up equipment finance to investors who have traditionally been unable to fund this asset class due to asymmetry of information and high cost of entry.






There are over 200,000 construction firms in the UK and collectively they employ almost two million people. The platform will facilitate finance leasing and hire purchase finance on many forms of equipment from concrete mixing trucks to cranes .

Read more about how our tech solution will support Construction firms soon.


Agriculture and food

Britain has a rich history of farming innovation with pioneers such as Jethro Tull and Charles Turnip radically improving yields and variety in the 17th and 18th centuries. Tractors, milking parlour plants, feeding equipment, bailers, combine harvesters, fertiliser spreaders and many more categories of equipment are supported by the EquipmentConnect.

Read more about how our tech solution will help Agriculture and Food companies soon.



Fishing And Marine

Few sectors of the economy are more dependent on stable full term financing than marine and fishing. From 'factory ships' capable of spending weeks at sea to net rollers to port storage freezers, EquipmentConnect is well placed to facilitate affordable, fast financing to ensure you are armed for success in the competitive landscape.  A servicing and maintenance plan will be developed with every financing extended and delivered over our platform.

 Read more about our Marine and Fishing offering soon.




Recycling and Waste Management

EquipmentConnect will facilitate financing on the full range of durable, marketable, recoverable recycling and waste management equipment. Working in conjunction with the industry, the platform has been structured so that businesses are well positioned to serve domestic and export markets by easily securing the equipment and machinery they require. Examples of what equipment can be financed over the platform include shredding machines, sorting machines and incineration units.

 Read more about our Recycling and Waste Management offering soon



Commercial Printing

Over 500 years since the hey day of William Caxton and the early Fleet Street printers, commercial printing remains as important as it has ever been despite the increasingly online nature of communication. High quality printing machines from Heidelberg to Reto require substantial investment and equipmentconnect is well placed to source the right funders for that equipment. In addition to the full commercial range of digital and litho printing presses, equipmentconnect will also facilitate financing on lamination machines and full production suites.

Read more about our Commercial Printing offering soon


And many more..  View our full offering soon






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