Who are EquipmentConnect

Based in London, we are a group of professionals with experience in financial markets, credit modelling and shipping technology.
We are passionate about improving equipment finance for the SME business community and came together last year to develop EquipmentConnect.
So why do we need EquipmentConnect?
For too long, the small and medium-sized business, our economic backbone, have overpaid for equipment finance that is slow and loaded with hassle. Furthermore, equipment finance often comes with hidden fees and excessive interest rates.
The SME sector relies on over £40bln of equipment so it is essential we get this right. Financing hard, recoverable assets for a growing business must be fast and affordable. Furthermore, redundant technology and too many middlemen lead to turnaround times measured in weeks instead of hours.
We want SMEs to focus on what they do best, producing a great product for domestic and international markets.

It is essential that we bring equipment finance up to speed so that it works for business. The EquipmentConnect platform addresses this need.

Our Mission:

We aim to exploit technology to support SMEs with fast, affordable equipment finance.

Our Network:

Development commenced in 2017 and when launched, the platform will connect SME companies seeking to finance new equipment with investors attracted to funding ring-fenced, business-critical assets.

Our Technology:

EquipmentConnect technology will offer more than just a match-making service for funding. The platform will feature advanced data collection, analysis and storage functionality. This will improve the entire borrower/lessee experience.

How does it work.

Equipment finance delivered within 6 working hours:

The supplier lists the equipment on our platform and invites the business to apply for finance.


The business lodges a request online and this is forwarded to our network of funders.


Our technology completes all the admin and rates the request. No loading documents or hassle.


Once the business accepts a funding offer, the funds are sent to the supplier within three hours.

Apply for Asset Finance

"Having recently gone through the headache of organising equipment finance for our latest restaurant in Hackney, I would be keen to try out a platform that offered fast and affordable asset finance. Anything that makes our job easier is welcome as we grow our presence to offer more Londoners great steak at a fair price."

Daniel Nathan, MD Beef and Brew

"UK manufacturing has always embraced innovation. Given the level of international competition any new ideas that help save manufacturers time and money are welcome. I look forward to EquipmentConnect making a difference."

Will Stirling, Editor of Manufacturing Review

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